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Those willing to be informed about the events of World Youth Forum are invited to follow the French program “Café Chaud” broadcast daily on Monte Carlo radio station. This radio coverage will allow listeners to follow up with the news of the Forum held in Sharm el-Sheikh from 3 to 6 November 2018. The program focuses on youth, women, social and economic issues worldwide. Through Monte Carlo Radio, this morning show focuses not only on discussing various topics but also on creating interactive press reports and holding one to one interviews with various prominent figures in the Arab world, from the Maghreb, the Levant and the Gulf.

Café Chaud hosted several eminent Arab personages of various fields, such as politicians, intellectuals, distinguished scholars and influential figures. The program is also interested in youth news in the Arab region. The program provides the opportunity to interact with listeners through morning segments which raise debates around vital and controversial topics.

The program will broadcast daily to cover the activities and sessions of the Forum. It will also record segments about the most important events organized in conjunction with the Forum. In addition to the foregoing, Café Chaud will host prominent guests participating in the forum such as politicians, businessmen, organizers, artists, sportspersons as well as young participants.


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