The youngest yet most energetic event of the World Youth Forum, where ambitious young stories get shared with the world.

INSPIRE.D is a platform and stage that gives the opportunity to those under 40 with a story worth telling. It takes place on the theatre stage in the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and is planned to take place annually. 

Speakers have a window of 18 minutes to speak on the INSPIRE.D stage with an expected audience of 1k-2k attendees LIVE and might have the opportunity to have their stories shared with the world online after the forum.

Some of the main topics covered so far:

– Solving world problems, such as lack of clean water through genuine innovations

– Life experiences that challenge the status quo: through struggle, persistence, resilience & hard work

– Family values that build better surroundings for upcoming generations

  • Inspiring stories about young creators who give others hope and practical solutions through technology and education


INSPIRE.D highlights talks and stories of inventions, survivals, key successes, diversified perspectives, humane stories & other major topics. If you think that you have an impactful story that could influence others to make the world a better place if you dream to reach out to others and want to communicate your survival through a world-class event, and if you are with an innovation or invention that needs international exposure, you might still have a chance to become part of INSPIRE.D community on our upcoming World Youth Forum just like our former INSPIRE.D speakers

Zein Youssef (2019)

  • He has undergone so much in his childhood battling cancer and yet faced it all with faith and smiles.

She is the world’s first licensed armless pilot, as well as the first armless black belt in the American Taekwondo Association.

Abigail Chepkwurui (2019)

She is an activist, a community mobilizer, an entrepreneur, and an Educate! Mentor. More than that, she is a young woman who overcame every obstacle in her path–poverty, familial and cultural expectations, gender norms, and access to education–to discover her voice and create the future she imagined for herself.

Melina Taprantzi (2021)

Melina is a social entrepreneur who in 2020 was one of the seven women globally that received the prestigious “SDGs and Her” award from the United Nations and the World Bank, for her work in the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

Giana Farouk (2021)

Egyptian Karate player Giana Farouk succeeded in winning the bronze Women’s Kumite 61kg Karate medal in Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 after a tough journey.

 Rafik El Hariri (2021)

He is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, and mental health advocate. He creates picture books for adults and children to highlight mental health struggles in his own creative way.

Discussion Topics

  • The Arab and African Youth Platform (AAYP) discusses The Impact of financial technology and innovation on Africa and the Arab region

    The AAYP agenda include a session titled The Impact of financial technology and innovation on Africa and the Arab

  • The launch of Egypt’s Chairmanship of the African Union ceremony on the first day of the Arab and African Youth Platform

    Today, Saturday March 16, 2019, witnesses the launching of the Arab and African Youth Platform in Aswan, the capital

  • Arrival of the African and Arab delegations participating in the AAYP

    • Intensive media coverage from the African and Arab countries in the AAYP The first event of the Arab

  • Agenda of AAYP

    • Celebrating Egypt’s chairmanship of the African Union • Workshops and panel discussions on entrepreneurship and the implementing the

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As the network grows, and we engage more youth; the World Youth Forum Platforms are coming to action to incubate youth discussions and ideas through a series of events discussing various topics.

Discuss, Generate, Act! Is the slogan of World Youth Forum Platforms. It offers a range of engaging activities including and not limited to: workshops, debates, seminars and many others on various topics that represent challenges and opportunities to youth!

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