World Youth Forum 2018

The second edition of the World Youth Forum was held in Sharm El Sheikh from 3-6 November 2018. Over 5000 young people from different nationalities and backgrounds came to engage and network. In its second edition, the World Youth Forum continued stressing on its role being a platform for youth to voice their opinions about global challenges that face our world today from a youth perspective. World Youth Forum 2018 presented numerous opportunities for youth to participate through panels, roundtables, and workshops. In addition, youth were given the room to apply the topics discussed in an edutainment manner through the several side-events organized during WYF 2018.

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The Startup Vein 2018 provided an arena where startup pioneers could share their experiences – including challenges and successes – as well as network with World Youth Forum participants. The Startup Vein provided a clear map of the journey of a startup in Egypt and around the world, which others could follow and learn from. In addition, participants in the Startup Vein learned about best-case practices and listened to inspirational figures discuss the startup dream.

The Startup Vein 2018 is a starting point for it to become a platform for startups from around the world to discuss innovative solutions, as it brought together decision makers, startups communities and networks around the world, as well as initiatives that worked to overcome legal and financial difficulties facing young startups.

Model Arab African Summit

The Model Arab-African Summit (MAAS) was a two days regional summit that took place as part of the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh.

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Enjoy, Explore and Experience were the keywords that defined activities taking place in the Freedom.e. Freedom.e was a space where borderless innovation took center stage, bringing people and nations together through one common language, technology. Participants networked, experienced new technologies, interacted through games and ideas, shared art and innovations, and discovered new cultures.

Through the Freedom.e experience, participants enjoyed, explored and experienced several activities in one place. All activities were an application to the topics we discussed through our sessions all day long. In other words, the Freedom.e was the space of edutainment that allowed all this to take place under one umbrella.

World Youth Theatre

World Youth Theatre was created by youth and for youth. Our stage was not only a gather-to-watch platform, but rather a hub of arts featuring a variety of performances including musicals, plays, stand up comedies, inspirational talks, and much more. Youth from around the world came and showed their talent to our attendees in one of the most diverse youth events!

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