Model African Union

Model African Union (MAU) was the first platform launched under the World Youth Forum Platforms. It came as an action to the WYF 2017 recommendations that stressed on the need to have an active dialogue between the Arab and African Youth.

In May 2018, the MAU was held in Cairo with the presence of several prominent figures in addition to high-profile representatives from more than 20 African countries. African youth had the chance to participate, share and express their ideas on how to overcome the challenges their countries face.


“How to overcome the challenges facing the African Youth and promote community participation?”

The participant’s ideas and recommendations were endorsed by H.E President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of which one was hosting a model for the Arab African Summit at the World Youth Forum 2018.

WYF Platforms

As the network grows, and we engage more youth; the World Youth Forum Platforms are coming to action to incubate youth discussions and ideas through a series of events discussing various topics.

Discuss, Generate, Act! Is the slogan of World Youth Forum Platforms. It offers a range of engaging activities including and not limited to: workshops, debates, seminars and many others on various topics that represent challenges and opportunities to youth!

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