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  • Global Peace Advocacy: World Youth Forum initiates “ Youth For Reviving Humanity to advocate for global peace, emphasizing the youth’s role in reviving humane values.
  • Inclusive Approach: The initiative unites international and youth efforts, disregarding distinctions of race, gender, or religion, aiming to protect victims of conflicts worldwide.
  • Multifaceted Impact: Integrating humanitarian, political, and socio-economic efforts, the initiative targets enhanced security, peace promotion, and civilian protection in conflict zones.
  • Interactive Engagement: Spanning three days, the initiative includes open dialogue sessions, events, and media engagements, encouraging active participation from global activists and influencers.

World Youth Forum announces the inception of the “Youth  For  Reviving Humanity” initiative.

This initiative aims to enhance security, promote peace, and protect civilians in conflict zones. Emphasizing the pivotal role played by the World Youth Forum in disseminating principles of peace, development, and innovation, the forum’s administration invites global activists and influencers committed to rejecting violence, spreading values of tolerance, and supporting victims of wars and conflicts to participate in this initiative.

The initiative seeks to unite international and youth efforts to confront these challenges, fostering global peace. It aims to instill constructive values in the hearts of the youth, starting with the protection of victims of wars and conflicts everywhere, regardless of race, gender, or religion, ultimately achieving peace and justice worldwide.

This initiative is part of the World Youth Forum’s commitment to providing support and bringing peace to all corners of the world. It signifies the forum’s belief that it is time for peace to prevail and for war to lay down its arms.

The “Youth for Humanity Revival” initiative seamlessly integrates the impact of humanitarian support, political endeavors, and social, economic efforts to enhance security, promote peace, and protect civilians in conflict zones.

The initiative’s activities span three consecutive days In Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai, featuring interactive dialogue sessions open to all participants, along with various events and media engagements.

For registration please follow the link :



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