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  • On February 4, 2023, the World Youth Forum launched a large package of development initiatives and action projects. This is in light of the recent successive global crises and their humanitarian and economic repercussions, where the WYF wanted to have a bigger impact on the ground. These important development initiatives and programs have a direct impact on youth, both in Egypt and abroad, in collaboration with the Forum’s international and local partners.WYF Initiative ‘Youth for the reviving Humanity’ (Recent)Youth for reviving Humanity initiative took place from the 3rd to the 5th of December in Sharm El-Sheikh, in response to the current global challenges in the area of peace and security. It aimed to highlight the current situation and mobilize international efforts for all issues related to international peace and humanitarian assistance and ways to confront the repercussions in conflict areas around the world. It included several discussion sessions and workshops, with a various speakers and experts from different nationalities, united to revive humanity and peace.

    WYF Initiative ‘Youth for the reviving Humanity’ conclusion and closing.

    The World Youth Forum concluded the sessions and workshops of the “Youth for Reviving Humanity” initiative, within the activities of the World Youth Forum, held over three days in the city of peace, Sharm El-Sheikh, with the participation of speakers and youth from around the world.  

    On the sidelines of this initiative, a number of sessions and workshops were held, including rich discussions and constructive dialogues between participants of different nationalities, who met to discuss many topics related to issues of peace and stopping conflicts and wars and the resulting displacement of civilians, as well as many economic issues, related to human rights, the role of international laws in protecting civilians, especially children in times of conflict, as well as food security and climate change issues during conflicts.

    These discussions resulted in several recommendations, the most important of which are:

    • Adoption of a unified media charter to monitor biases and expose uncontrolled practices in the media.
    • Unifying international efforts to protect civilians, especially children, and stressing the need to prevent forced displacement in times of conflict and war.
    • Establishing a universal platform for volunteering, encouraging young people to participate in development and relief fields, and to provide volunteer opportunities.
    • A call for the implementation of the reconstruction initiative with the help of volunteer experts from various fields and the support of international organizations and institutions.
    • Creating disaster-resilient cities based on sustainable buildings and renewable energy sources.
    • Actively involve women and youth in reconstruction processes to accelerate the pace of development.
    • Promote intercultural dialogue to build peace and prevent hate speech and extremism through the establishment of a global associations of peace advocates.

    The ‘Youth for reviving Humanity’ initiative comes from a belief in the pivotal role of the World Youth Forum in providing support and establishing peace around the world, and believing that peace must receive its due and it is time for war to end, and from this point of view, this initiative integrates humanitarian impact and support with political, economic and social efforts to promote safety, peace and the protection of civilians in conflict areas.


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