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In light of the awareness of the World Youth Forum management of the current international changes and successive global crises,

which have resulted in humanitarian and economic repercussions that have become additional burdens on the shoulders of states, governments, and citizens, and their belief in the need to participate in alleviating economic burdens and advancing development, as youth is one of the most important parties to the development

The management of the World Youth Forum has decided not to launch the fifth edition of the “World Youth Forum” in its usual annual format from the “city of Sharm El-Sheikh”, provided that the proceeds of sponsorship rights that were allocated for organizing the fifth edition in Sharm El-Sheikh will be directed to the implementation of a large package of important development initiatives, projects, and programs that have a direct impact on citizens and youth in particular inside and outside Egypt, in cooperation with the forum’s partners from international and local institutions and organizations. The fifth edition of this year’s World Youth Forum should serve as a call for the implementation of development instead of discussing ways to achieve it.

The management of the World Youth Forum has announced that the program packages and initiatives that will be launched and implemented include:

First: launching an initiative for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises, which is based on supporting entrepreneurs to start their businesses or increase the volume of their activities through business incubators and training programs funded for the development of industry in which technical support is provided to industrial workers in all governorates of Egypt, especially in villages and decent life centers.
This is in cooperation with the “Ebda” initiative for the development of Egyptian industry, Haya Karima Foundation, the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Entlaq company, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Labor Organization.

Second: launching the “Learning to Earning” initiative, which aims to qualify Egyptian, Arab, African, and expatriate youth to the labor market to oercome obstacles related to the development of required work skills and enable them to get decent jobs. The initiative will be implemented in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund and the National Training Academy.

Third: implementing a program to meet the challenges of Food Security by providing support programs to develop the capacities of farmers and those in charge of the food industries in Egypt and Africa. Ebda initiative, the National Alliance for Civil Development Work, Haya Karima Foundation, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations are participating in the implementation of this program.

Fourth: launching a Mental Health support program, which aims to provide psychological support, especially to refugees, migrants, and those arriving from conflict zones, wars, and conflicts, and providing aspects of health, psychological, and community care for them and their families, in cooperation with “Fahim” Foundation and the World Health Organization.

Fifth: launching an international initiative to support and Empower Refugees and Migrants and enhance their integration into educational systems, easy access to health care services, and social protection programs. This is through cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Egypt, the International Organization for Migration, Save the Children, and the Red Cross Foundation.

Sixth: launching the World Youth Forum Platform for Volunteers, the platform will serve as a meeting point for volunteers, to spread the culture of volunteerism, support, and qualifying volunteers and raising their abilities to participate in the development and charitable work, which targets poor and affected countries, whether from wars, conflicts or climate repercussions. The initiative will also implement many exchange programs for volunteers between different countries. This is in cooperation with Haya Karima Foundation, the National Alliance for Civil Development Work, the Arab Voluntary Union , and the United Nations Volunteers programme.


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