World Youth Forum is open to all youth of all nations that believe in their power of making changes and aim to become influential within their communities. If you are interested, please apply as per the instructions.

  • • Passport Scan (For Foreign Applicants)
  • • National ID Scan (For Egyptian Applicants)
  • • A clear photo with white background

You might be asked for some additional documents like CV, video Sample or a research paper if you apply as a speaker in one of our events.

  • Step 1: Fill in your basic Information
  • Step 2: Verify Your Email
  • Step 3: Complete your profile

Once your account is validated and are selected for participation you will:

  • Step 1: Receive your E-Invitation
  • Step 2: Choose your desired flight dates
  • Step 3: Receive your E-Ticket
  • Step 4: Apply for Visa
  • Step 5: Receive your Accommodation details

World Youth Forum has a main annual event held in Sharm El-Sheikh, in addition to multiple other events throughout the year.

World Youth Forum offers you a variety of options to allow you to seize the upmost level of experience during your participation throughout the year.
You can attend the events as An Attendee, A Speaker, A Model participant, A Workshop participant and many more depending on the event.

When you register to attend an event; you may be asked to choose your participation type.
Each event has its own set of roles, which vary depending on the theme and nature of the event.

Your selection is not guaranteed as it depends on the number of applications received and your qualifications.

  • Dedicated promising youth with real passion to solve problem and come up with initiatives for a better world.
  • Young leaders who have personal, professional and educational experience related to the event-discussed topics.
  • All nationalities are welcome to apply, however, please note that some events will be restricted only to specific regions given the topic discussed.

Registration on the website gives you the chance to apply to attend multiple events throughout the year.
However, registration does not necessarily guarantee your attendance as this depends on number of factors:

  • Number of applicants received
  • Qualifications of the applicants and their relation to the theme of the event.


World Youth Forum covers the international flights in addition to the domestic flights within Egypt. World Youth Forum provides and covers accommodation during the events’ duration.

If you wish to cancel your attendance for any reason, we kindly request you to send a notification to [email protected]


If you have an inquiry, please send us an email with your “Passport Number and Inquiry” in the subject to “[email protected]

Sponsoring the Event

Sponsorship opportunities are limited, so act today. To become a sponsor and for more information, please contact [email protected].