Discussion Topics

Creating future leaders

This theme addressed several topics through a number of sessions, the most important of which were: How does the world create its leaders?, The Egyptian Experience in Building the Future – A Presentation of the Presidential Leadership Program (PLP) and the National Academy For Youth Training, Promoting Youth Participation in Decision-Making, Examples of the Leaders of the Future. The sessions addressed the world’s urgent need for leaders who run the way amid ignorance, violence and technology dominance, and that leadership is not easy, especially in light of the enormous challenges facing young people. The Egyptian experience in qualifying and empowering young people was reviewed through the Presidential Leadership Program, which is a pioneering experiment in Egypt, which was based on the latest interactive learning methods to create a society that thinks and innovates using young people. The success of this experiment encouraged the Egyptian state to adopt an integrated project for the training of young people that is the National Academy for Youth Training to serve as an incubator for the youth’s energies and to improve their skills and qualifications for the labor market, which enhances their ability to participate in real decision-making and pushes Egypt towards a real renaissance. Young models from all over the world have been given the opportunity to showcase their successful experiences and how to combat the hardships they have faced in their communities.

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