Discussion Topics

Civilizations and Culture

This theme addressed several topics through a number of sessions, the most important of which were: Differences Among Cultures and Civilizations: Conflict or Integration?, Towards a World United by Literature and Arts. A Vision for Achieving Peace Through Culture, The Cultural Dimension of Globalization and Its Impact on Youth’s Cultural Identity, The Impact of War and Conflict in Eroding the Identity of the Youth. These sessions addressed the importance of respect for differences among civilizations, and that this difference is for the richness of human thought and not to fuel conflicts and disputes. The importance of activating the constructive dialogue between the different groups of people to reach a balanced humanistic thought was emphasized.

Egypt was one of the first countries with ancient civilizations that influenced humanity. The importance of the Arab and African global youth in the formation of civilizations and cultures for creating one global civilization that people influence and get influenced by was highlighted. The influence of art, literature and soft power on the spread of peace among societies, and the role of arts in the unification of the peoples and absorption of the energies of sabotage and resistance, and fighting against extremist and terrorist thought were also highlighted. The role of globalization in influencing cultural identity has been reviewed; as the world is now open to all cultures that are exchanged and influenced. The sessions touched on how the identity of young people disappeared because of conflicts and wars and the ways of preserving the heritage and identity that characterize the societies of the world.

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