Discussion Topics

Sustainable Development, Technology and Entrepreneurship

This theme tackled many topics in a number of sessions. The most important of which were: Discussing the theme of the year of the African Union: harnessing the demographic dividend for youth investment to achieve the concept of sustainable development, youth vision for sustainable development in the world, innovative youth experiences in entrepreneurship, the role of civil society in achieving the goals of sustainable development, and the role of women in decision-making circles. In these sessions, the necessity and how to capitalize on the potentials of young people and provide them with the appropriate working environment, both at the level of political participation or community, and the importance of investing and harnessing all the resources to provide training programs for youth to exploit their potential were discussed because youth are the real wealth and the builders of the future, and they represent more than half of the population.

The role of women in the world whether in political or social life and how they are now working at leadership positions and succeed in managing important sectors of the country and the importance of providing a better working environment and providing greater opportunities for women have also been highlighted. The sessions also discussed entrepreneurship as a new field that began to emerge on the international scene and created a number of successful and inspiring personalities who could serve as role models for the youth of the world and how technology influenced the acquisition of skills and learning as well as the marketing of innovations and products.

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