ElSissi agrees to modify current NGO law

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi agreed to form a committee and institute a community dialogue on the NGO law. he also endorsed the reintroduction of this law to the parliament by concerned authorities. The latter statement from President Sisi came in response to a question from a girl who was part of the youth group he met this evening. This meeting was part a series of meetings he held with a number of young people from Egypt and the world within the framework of World Youth Forum 2018 in Sharm El-Sheikh. The young girl, Youstina Tharwat, raised a question about the NGO law. She told the President: “the NGO law needs a reconsideration from your part, using your constitutional powers”. Sisi expressed his approval for her suggestion: “I totally agree with you, there were apprehensions about possible risks which led to the promulgation of the law in its current form, containing some flaws.”

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