Inaugural international performance of World Youth Theatre: The ‘We Were One’ play

In the presence of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and First Lady Entissar Amer, the inaugural international performance of the World Youth Theater kicks off today with the play ‘We Were One,’ during the fourth edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF).
The play was led by the great Egyptian director Khaled Galal, with the participation of a team of young Egyptian artists, including students and graduates of the Artistic Creativity Center and various universities, as well as multinational artists from the USA, Sweden, Russia, Brazil, Tunisia, Morocco, Malawi, Tajikistan, Portugal, Serbia, Peru, Indonesia, and Yemen.
The plot of the theatrical performance reflects the state of humanity where successive events and wars have distorted the peace-loving human instinct, and in the face of the "unknown", which represents a global challenge, the actors and makers of the play ask the question: "Will humanity triumph over global differences and conflicts?"
Over the past two weeks, the preparatory workshops continued for the final show. The team was getting ready to deliver a heartfelt, rich, and artistic performance that reflects the WYF’s main focus, which is to uphold the values ​​of peace, creativity, and development.
Once again, young people of different nationalities are getting together this year at the opening of the World Youth Theatre in its third edition, under the slogan ‘Arts to Revive Humanity.’ Many new and exclusive performances will be delivered in the World Youth Theatre, as a continuation of its previous successful plays ‘The Visitor’ and ‘A Trial.’

About the World Youth Theater

The World Youth Theater is a meeting point founded by youth for youth. It brings together promising artists from all over the world to present their talents and express their cultures through a variety of artistic activities. The World Youth Theater launched its first edition at the 2018 WYF and achieved unprecedented success. This prompted the Forum’s management to repeat the experience in the second edition of the World Youth Theater in 2019. Over the course of two years, the World Youth Theater presented to the world 300 talents from 27 different countries. The theater hosted more than 127 nationalities, and 44 performances were delivered, and its third edition continues through 2022 The World Youth Theater is a creative platform for the world's youth to present their ideas and discuss their problems. It creates for them a space where they freely interact and present solutions through artistic and cultural performances.

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