WYF2017 Topics

Youth Global Issues

This theme addressed several topics through a number of sessions, the most important of which were: reviewing means of cooperation in the field of irregular migration in the Mediterranean region, a panel discussion on the adverse impact of irregular migration on youth around the world, challenges and issues facing world youth: means to overcome towards building a better future, youth contribution to building and keeping peace in conflict and post-conflict zones.

The discussions of this theme focused on all that matters to young people and the challenges they face, especially that the world now is full of conflicts that either lead them to be part of the conflict or to be forced to flee illegally. These discussions concluded that it is important to ensure that youth are fully protected from such threats so as to be an effective and productive component of society and to direct their energy and exploit them in construction and reconstruction, not in destruction and vandalism, this shall happen through taking a comprehensive international action to ensure the activation of the mechanisms of cooperation among the nations of the world.